Hermon Meadows Golf Club
281 Billings Road
Hermon, Maine

Thursday Senior Stableford League

The format will be an 18 hole Stableford with a 2 person blind draw to be determined after the round has started. Unless you already have a Stableford Handicap your handicap will be deducted from the 36 to give you your starting number of points. Men will play the white tees and women the red tees. The points during play will be awarded as follows:

  • 1 Point for Bogey
  • 2 Points for a Par
  • 4 Points for a Birdie
  • 6 Points for an Eagle

The maximum number of points awarded will be +6. (For example, Sam plays and ends up with +8, he will be awarded the max score of +6)

For end of the round scoring the following weeks Stableford points needed will be adjusted as follows:

  • +1 or -1 will be no change in points.
  • +2 or -2 and +3 or -3 will be a +1 or -1 from beginning points.
  • +4 or -4 and +5 or -5 will be a +2 or -2 from beginning points.
  • +6 or -6 will be +3 or -2 from beginning points.

Please note: -2 will be the most points your beginning pints can be reduced.

Fees: Members -- $10 first with $5 for pro shop credit and $5 to be used for year-end feast. There will also be $2 optional cash skins. $5 per week thereafter and of course the $2 option for skins will be available.

Non-Members - The cost will be $15 for green fees and /or $15 for carts for a total of $30 for both. The cost to play will be the same as listed above for the members.

The $5 pro shop credit will be $1 for pins on holes #3 and #16 and $4 for winning scores. The number of winning teams will be determined by the number of players registered.

Local Rules

One club length preferred lie in own fairway, ball must be played down in rough.

If there is either water or mud in a sand trap you may remove it from the trap if you choose. You must drop behind the sand trap and hit over it, keeping the trap and the pin in line. If the sand trap is dry you must play as it lies.